Analysis of evaporative coolers and condensers

Dreyer, Andre Alexis
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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: In this report various mathematical models for the thermal evaluation of evaporative coolers and condensers are presented. These models range from the exact model based on the work by Poppe [84P01] to the simplified logarithmic models based on the work of McAdams [54Mcl] and Mizushina et al. [67MI1], [68MI1]. Various computer programs were written to perform rating and selection calculations on cross-flow and counterflow evaporative coolers and condensers. Experimental tests were conducted on a cross-flow evaporative cooler to determine the governing heat and mass transfer coefficients. The experimentally determined coefficients were cqrrelated and these correlations are compared to the existing correlations. The two-phase pressure drop across the tube bundle was also measured and a correlation for two-phase pressure drop across a tube bundle is presented.
Thesis (MEng.) -- Stellenbosch University, 1988.
Condensers (Vapors and gases), Cooling towers -- Mathematical models, Dissertations -- Mechanical engineering, Theses -- Mechanical engineering