In search of a theoretical framework towards intercultural awareness and tolerance

Van der Westhuizen, M. A. ; Greuel, T. ; Thesnaar, C. H. (2015)

CITATION: Van der Westhuizen, M. A., Greuel, T. & Thesnaar, C. H. 2015. In search of a theoretical framework towards intercultural awareness and tolerance. Scriptura, 114(1):1-16, doi:10.7833/114-0-1135.

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Even if legalised segregation (i.e. Apartheid) has ceased, individuals, groups and communities remain sensitive owing to past experiences. Furthermore communication obstacles lead to on-going misunderstandings that result in mistrust (Williams, 2002:51-67). Without a process to stimulate intercultural awareness and tolerance, the legacy of the past cannot be undone. The question therefore is: How can we approach intercultural misunderstanding and mistrust so as to find a way to work towards intercultural awareness and tolerance? The aim of this contribution has been to identify a theoretical framework that could pave the way to finding practical ways of addressing the remaining misunderstandings and mistrust in present-day South Africa. The authors, working from a trans-disciplinary framework, first did a review of the literature in search of a theoretical framework. The contribution concludes with a proposed theoretical framework and some recommendations for further exploration of this topic.

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