Constant radiation characteristics for log-periodic dipole array antennas

Lehmensiek, Robert ; De Villiers, Dirk I. L. (2014)

CITATION: Lehmensiek, R. & De Villiers, D. I. L. 2014. Constant radiation characteristics for log-periodic dipole array antennas. EEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 62(5):2866-2869, doi:10.1109/TAP.2014.2307350.

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Given the correct terminal voltages on each element of a log-periodic dipole array constant radiation characteristics can be achieved for an omni-directional radiation pattern. In this communication it is shown that this can only be achieved through optimization, correcting a previously reported oversimplification which resulted in an analytical approach being tractable. This oversimplification assumed that vanishing terminal currents on a dipole’s terminal/feed element implies no radiation from that dipole. This is clearly non-physical because, zeroing the terminal current on a dipole’s feed element is the same as disconnecting its two arms, while having no radiation from that dipole implies that in effect both arms be entirely removed. We show that the effect of currents induced in the disconnected arms of a dipole cannot in general be ignored.

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