Danger Ingozi Gevaar : why reading alone can be bad for you

Van der Walt, Charlene (2016)

CITATION: Van Der Walt, C. 2016. Danger Ingozi Gevaar : why reading alone can be bad for you. Scriptura, 115(1): 1-12, doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7833/115-0-1195.

The original publication is available at http://scriptura.journals.ac.za


A discussion of the 1974 film, ‘The Conversation’, by Francis Ford Coppola serves as an introductory illustration of the dangers of interpretation in isolation. The film, starring Gene Hackman, highlights the contextual nature of communication, where the viewer becomes increasingly aware of the development of a skewed inter-pretation of an overheard conversation. Utterances and events are interpreted in isolation and perceived as ultimate truths. The social commentary offered by Coppola serves as an analogy for the dangers of exclusivist approaches to biblical interpretation. This article critiques these approaches and offers contextual inter-cultural Bible reading as a life giving, alternative approach that draws from the combined hermeneutical framework of Feminism and African hermeneutics. In this article I will explore the creative possibilities of the intercultural Bible reading process as a space with communal meaning-making possibilities.

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