Performance measurement trends in the implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) within the South African transportation environment

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ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Over the past decade, the South African transportation environment has actively started to adapt a technology-driven setting. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications such as Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) and Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS) have since been promoted and developed. These ITS deployments have brought about new areas for consideration. If the sustainability of the newly developed systems is to be ensured, sufficient attention needs to be given to the managing of their inherent technology-related aspects. These aspects are currently, to varying degrees, being measured and monitored. However, little thought is given to ITS performance management in the conceptualization- and planning phase of ITS projects. As a result, the monitoring is mostly done by a modular- and possibly inconsistent performance measurement approach. Moreover, in the absence of a set of widely accepted performance measures and transferable methodologies, it is very difficult for the local industry to objectively assess the effects of their specific applications with regard to the implementation of policies and technologies. The aim of this paper is thus to define a common evaluation framework for the monitoring and managing of the newly developed systems and to present guidelines as to its application. The aforementioned is accomplished by elucidating the need for managing performance measurement and by providing a review on the current ITS measurement trends and movements in the South African transportation environment. Ultimately, a major evolution in the nation’s transportation environment - in the form of an ITS performance management regime - may be stimulated.
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Struwig, C. B. & Andersen, S. J. 2014. Performance measurement trends in the implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) within the South African transportation environment, in Proceedings of the rst International Conference on the use of Mobile Informations and Communication Technology (ICT) in Africa UMICTA 2014, 9-10 December 2014, STIAS Conference Centre, Stellenbosch: Stellenbosch University, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, South Africa, ISBN: 978-0-7972-1533-7.
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Transportation -- Planning -- South Africa, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), Public transportation