Developing an alternative approach to mode choice modelling with the application of modelling Gautrain patronage

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Mode choice modelling is an important and versatile tool that can aid decision makers with transit related strategies and scenario planning. The traditional approach to modelling public transport is labour intensive and requires many resources. The expensive nature of developing mode choice models can also act as a deterrent for developing a model. Not having access to a functional mode choice model can force decision makers to make important decisions without having access to proper information. There is therefore a need to provide a simplified solution for developing a functional mode choice model that can be developed and maintained with fewer resources. This research project explores the possibility of developing a simplified alternative approach to public transport modelling that can model mode choice behaviour with the same degree of accuracy as traditional models. The modelling steps employed in this research project were the typical four step demand modelling approach, but the principles employed differ slightly. The focus area of this research project is the development of simplified utility functions and the calibration thereof. Typical mode choice models coincide with many assumptions, variations and uncertainties. In this research project the proposed utility functions are simplified by incorporating most of the assumptions and intangible components of the utility function into a single station to station specific calibration factor. The hypothesis is that a simplified alternative approach to the utility functions can still provide a model that is purpose built and functional. The application of the proposed mode choice model is to model the mode choice between the Gautrain and private vehicles as the major mode of transport.
Thesis (MScEng)--Stellenbosch University, 2014.
Modelling Gautrain patronage, Dissertations -- Civil engineering, Modelling public transport, Local transit, Urban transportation -- Modelling, Intelligent transportation systems, Gautrain Project (South Africa), Transportation -- Planning, UCTD