Does China plan and evaluate foreign aid projects like traditional donors

Cabria, Nicola
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Stellenbosch University, Centre for Chinese Studies
This Discussion Paper focuses on a relatively less analysed question regarding the Chinese foreign aid system. Firstly I examine the basic features of the planning and evaluation system of the Development Assistance Committee members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. This study is useful as it provides a basis for comparison in order to be able to explore the methodologies and features pertaining to the planning and evaluation systems of the Chinese. I start this exploration path by analysing the principles that form the foundation of Chinese foreign aid and compare them with those of traditional donors. This comparison gives us an idea of the strong cultural, political and economical differences that exist between the traditional donors and China. Moreover I define the identity of the two main aid channels, and survey the main planning and assessing features connected to them. For both aid channels I analyse the design and evaluation system separately, observing the presence or lack of information about actors, methodologies, features and criteria. To better present the results of this research, and to make easier comparisons of similarities and differences, the results disclosure is made, where possible, through illustrative graphs and explicative tables.
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China -- Economic assistance policy, Foreign aid programme -- China -- Evaluation, Foreign aid programme -- China --Planning
Cabria, N. 2013. Does China plan and evaluate foreign aid projects like traditional donors. CCS Discussion paper, December 2013. Stellenbosch University, Centre for Chinese Studies: 35 p.