Biochemiese en Hematologiese Veranderinge Tydens Eksperimentele Hipercholesterolemie

Rossouw, D. J. ; Engelbrecht, F. M. (1973-11)

AANHALING: Rossouw, D.J. & Engelbrecht, F.M. 1973. Biochemiese en Hematologiese Veranderinge Tydens Eksperimentele Hipercholesterolemie. S Afr Med Tyd, 47(11):2154-2158.

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ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Various biochemical and hematological parameters were investigated during experimentally induced hypercholesterolemia in rabbits. A close correlation between the total serum cholesterol concentration and the changes in body mass and β globulin concentration was observed. The initial increase in these parameters was followed by a reduction in body mass and β globulin concentration and was accompanied by a simultaneous decline in the total serum cholesterol values. The slight increase in total serum protein levels could be attributed to an elevation in the globulin fraction. Both the relative and absolute α and γ globulin concentrations increased progressively during the course of the study. The significance of these findings is discussed. Anemia of a biphasic character (the second phase being hemolytic) was associated with the hypercholesterolemia. The increased fragility of the red blood corpuscles, however, was not related to the total serum cholesterol concentrations. The marked mononuclear leucocytosis and basophilia which were observed, may be a response to chronic inflammatory processes in the tissues.

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