Performance data of screening mammography at a dedicated breast health centre

Apffelstaedt, J. P.
Steenkamp, V.
Baatjes, K.
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Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)
Background. Mammographic screening has become part of routine health care. We present a first analysis of screening mammography in a dedicated breast health centre in Africa. Objective. To establish a performance benchmark and provide data for health care policy and funding decisions on screening mammography. Method. All mammography performed between January 2003 and August 2008 was entered into a prospective database. Mammography was performed exclusively by certified mammographers and double-read by experienced readers. Results. Outcomes were classified in a simplified classification system based on the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BIRADS). In 40-49-year-old women, 3 192 mammograms led to a recall rate of 4.7%, a biopsy rate of 1.9% and a cancer diagnosis rate of 3.8 per 1000 examinations, for women of 50 years and older, the corresponding figures were 4 446, 5.4%, 2.6% and 9.7 per 1 000. Of the cancers detected, 31% were in situ and, of the invasive cancers, 81% were node-negative. These figures were established by a dedicated surgeon-led team and fall within the range expected in organised screening programmes in resource-rich environments, providing a first benchmark for screening mammography in Africa.
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Breast biopsy, Mammography -- Analysis
Apffelstaedt, J.P., Steenkamp, V. & Baatjes, K. 2008. Performance data of screening mammography at a dedicated breast health centre.South African Medical Journal, 98(12) 950-953,