Awareness-building : a strategy for an effective relief and development approach in the Nkhoma Synod

dc.contributor.advisorAugust, Karel Th.en_ZA
dc.contributor.authorChikoti, Stephen Jailosien_ZA
dc.contributor.otherUniversity of Stellenbosch. Faculty of Theology. Dept. of Practical Theology and Missiology.en_ZA
dc.descriptionThesis (MTh)--University of Stellenbosch, 2011.en_ZA
dc.description.abstractENGLISH ABSTRACT: ABSTRACT This paper presents a proposal of carrying out sustainable relief and development activities from the church perspective. With reference to the Nkhoma Synod Relief and Development Project, the paper suggests that awareness brings about self-reliance; and forms a concrete foundation for any community project. The first chapter gives an introduction to the whole presentation. This includes research problem statement, hypothesis, motivation, and possible value of the study. Chapter 2 looks at meaning of development and what role should the church take in order to empower and improve the life of the local community. Chapter 3 analyses the relief programme initiated by Nkhoma Synod. The chapter looks at some problems that made the projects initiated by the church and government in Malawi not to work. Chapter 4 looks at some steps of how the church of Nkhoma Synod can initiate her programmes in order to be successful. The chapter first looks at the meaning of church and mission, then it goes to look at what do we mean when we talk of self-reliance of the local community. Eventually, chapter suggests how best can the church in Nkhoma Synod approach relief and development programme to bring about self-reliance. The chapter looks at the role of the change agents and the community. The final part that is chapter 5 contains some concluding remarks. The paper concludes with remarks that the people themselves must see that coming together to work in small groups is not only to their own advantage but also leads to increase solidarity and strengthens the people as a group.en_ZA
dc.format.extent42 p.
dc.publisherStellenbosch : University of Stellenboschen_ZA
dc.subjectNkhoma Synoden_ZA
dc.subjectEffective reliefen_ZA
dc.subjectDissertations -- Practical Theology and Missiologyen_ZA
dc.subjectTheses -- Practical Theology and Missiologyen_ZA
dc.titleAwareness-building : a strategy for an effective relief and development approach in the Nkhoma Synoden_ZA
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Stellenboschen_ZA

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