A comparison between applicative and non-applicative distransitive verbs in Xhosa

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The main aim of this study is to compare the grammatical relationship between the applicative and non-applicative ditransitive verbs in Xhosa and to establish whether they are treated similarly or differently either syntactically or semantically. In Chapter I a comparison of the views of various linguists on the grammatical nature of the object NPs in African languages is taken into consideration. In Chapter II various arguments are tendered to show the aims of this work. The issues like the predicate argumei·t structure, types of objects, interpretation of theta-roles are dealt with. Three types of verbs, i.e. the concrete, the motion and the abstract verbs are put through the same tests so that their differences may be seen . These tests are the criteria of word order, cliticization and passivization. In Chapter III the principles of Government and Binding theory, i.e. the X - bar theory, government theory, theta-theory and the case theory are invoked to determine the status of the postverbal NPs. Chapter IV deals with the summary of the whole study and its conclusions.
AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die hoof doel van hierdie studie is om die grammatikale verwantskap tussen die applikatiewe en nie-applicatiewe dubbel-oorganklike werkwoorde in Xhosa te vergelyk en om uit te vind of hulle op dieselfde manier beskou word in sintaktiese of semantiese opsig. In Hoofstuk I word 'n vergelyking van verskillende opinies van verskillende linguiste oor die grammatiese aard van die objek NPs in Afrikatale gegee. In Hoofstuk II word die verskillende argumente gegee om die doelwitte van hierdie werk te toon. Sake soos predikaatargumentstrukture, tipes van objekte, interpretasie van theta-rolle is gedoen, d.w.s. die konkrete, beweging en abstrakte werkwoorde word aan dieselfde toetse onderwerp sodat hulle verskille sigbaar is. Die toetse is dié van die woordorde, klitsering en passifisering. In Hoofstuk III word die beginsels van die "Government-Binding" tesorie, d.w.s. die "X-bar" teorie, "government" teorie, thetateorie en kasus teorie toegepas om die aard van die na-verbale NPs vas te stel. Hoofstuk IV bevat die opsomming van die hele studie en sy gevolgtrekkings.
Thesis MA(VA)--Stellenbosch University, 1993.
Xhosa language -- Verb, Grammar, Comparative and general -- Applicative constructions -- Xhosa language