Syllable structure processes in Northern Sotho : a linear and non-linear phonological analysis

Madigoe, Mashikane William
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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This study intends to describe and explain syllable structure processes in Northern Sotho. It deals with phonological processes such as vowel deletion, semivocalization and semivowel insertion. The major aim of these processes is to restore the preferred ICVI syllable structure which has been violated by morphological processes such as passive, diminutive, the construction of absolute pronouns, etc. Two phonological models are applied with the intention to determine the one that presents the most credible explanation for the phenomenon at hand. The two models employed are, respectively, the Transformational (TG) and Feature Geometry (FG) models. It appears that Feature Geometry model yields better results in the description of syllable structure processes in Northern Sotho.
AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie studie beskryf en verklaar sillabestruktuur prosesse in Noord-Sotho. Die tersaaklike fonologiese prosesse is vokaaldelesie, semivokalisasie en semivokaalinvoeging. Die doel van hierdie prosesse is om "n bepaalde voorkeursillabestruktuur IKVI te herstel wat versteur word deur morfologiese prosesse met die vorming van die passief, diminutief, die konstruksie van absolute voornaamwoorde ensovoorts. Twee fonologiese modelle word geïmplementeer ten einde te bepaal welke model die mees geloofwaardige verklarings vir die betrokke verskynsels kan bied. Die Transformasioneel-Generatiewe (TG) en Kenmerk Geometriese(KG) modelle word respektiewelik toegepas. Dit skyn asof die Kenmerk Geometriese model beter resultate lewer in die beskrywing van sillabestruktuurprosesse in Noord-Sotho.
Thesis (MA)--Stellenbosch University, 2004.
Northern Sotho language -- Syllabication, Northern Sotho language -- Phonology, Grammar, Comparative and general -- Syllable, Grammar, Comparative and general -- Phonology, Dissertations -- Northern Sotho language