An analysis of the sports promotion text in Xhosa

Mbena, Siphokazi Grissel
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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This study explores how the theoretical framework pertaining to reading as advanced by Davies (1995) can be employed to develop reading skills in Xhosa and to assist learners to see reading as a process. Teaching reading to language learners has many problems. The critical thinking relevant to reading and analysis of the text in teaching reading are examined. The study explores the current genre approach in the analysis of Xhosa Bona Magazine with its articles. The research of certain scholars like Davies, Wallace, Swales, and Cope and Kalantzis will be explored, in particular, the hierarchy of five levels of text, as advanced by Davies. Reading is an integral part of the school curriculum, and to use reading texts depends on the purpose for which the educator wants to use it, i.e. to develop reading comprehension skills, to present new vocabulary and structures, or as a basis for language practice. This study examines reading in Outcomes-base Education (O.B.E.) as a current issue in South African education, to determine how the specified outcomes relate to the framework for the development of reading skills.
AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie studie ondersoek hoe die teoretiese raamwerk vir die analise van tekste vir leesbegrip soos voorgestel deur Davies (1995) aangewend kan word in die ontwikkeling van leesvaardigheid in Xhosa en in die hulp aan leerders om lees as 'n proses te verstaan. Die onderrig van leesvaardigheid word gekenmerk deur talle probleme. Hierdie studie ondersoek die kritiese denke wat relevant is vir leesbegrip en die analise van tekste in Xhosa ter sprake in die onderrig van leesvaardigheid. Die studie aanvaar die huidige perspektiewe van die genre-benadering vir die analise van die Xhosa BONA tydskrifartikels. Die werk van bepaalde navorsers soos Davies, Cope en Kalantzis, Swales en Wallace salondersoek word en, in die besonder, Davies se raamwerk van hierargiese vlakke vir die beskrywing en analise van tekste. Lees is 'n integrale deel van die skoolkurrikulum, en die gebruik van tekste vir die doeleindes van leesonderrig hou verband met die meer spesifieke doelstelling waarvoor die onderwyser die tekste wil gebruik, bv. om leesbegripvaardighede te ontwikkel, om nuwe woordeskat en strukture te ontwikkel, of as basis vir taalgebruikoefening. Hierdie studie salook leesonderrig in uitkomsgebaseerde onderrig onder die loep neem, as 'n huidige vraagstuk in taalonderrig, ten einde te bepaal hoe die spesifieke uitkomste verband hou met die raamwerk vir die ontwikkeling van leesvaardighede.
Thesis (M.A.)--Stellenbosch University, 2000.
Xhosa language -- Study and teaching -- Outlines, syllabi, etc, Reading, Competency-based education -- South Africa, Text analysis, Dissertations -- Xhosa language