Rotor design and performance evaluation of a PM-assisted reluctance synchronous traction machine

Sibande, Sguda Enock
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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The thesis describes the optimum rotor design and performance of a 110kW Permanent-Magnet assisted (PM-assisted) Reluctance Synchronous traction Machine (RSM) using bonded permanent magnet sheets. Particular attention is given to the performance of the machine drive in the flux-weakening speed region. A detail explanation is given of the finite-element design optimisation, the basic principles of operation and the control-design of the PM-assisted RSM drive. A theoretical torque comparison of the PM-assisted RSM, the standard RSM and the induction machine is also done. The measured and calculated results of the different drives are presented and analysed in detail. It is concluded that the performance of the PM-assisted RSM in terms of torque, voltage and power factor compares favourably well with that of the induction machine in both the constant torque and flux-weakening speed regions. Furthermore, it is shown that the temperature rise of the stator winding of the PMassisted RSM is lower than that of the RSM with both machines at the same load.
AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die tesis beskryf die optimum rotor ontwerp en vermoë van 'n 110 kW Permanent- Pagnet-ondersteunde (PM-ondersteunde) Reluktansie Sinchroon Masjien (RSM) trekkrag aandryfstelsel. Spesifieke aandag word gegee aan die vermoë van die aandryfstelsel in die vloedverswakking spoedgebied. 'n Volledige verduideliking word gegee van die eindige-element ontwerp optimering, die basiese beginses van werking en die beheer-ontwerp van die PM-ondersteunde RSM aandryfstelsel. 'n Teoretiese vergelyking van die draaiumoment-vergelyking van die PM-ondersteunde RSM, die standard RSM en die induksmasjien word gedoen. Die berekende en gemete resultate van die verskillende aandryfstelsels word in detail aangebied en ge-analiseer. Dit is gevind dat die vermoë van die PM-ondersteunde RSM in terne van draairnoment, spanning en arbeidsfaktor gunstig vergelyk met dit van die induksiemasjien in beide die konstante draairnoment en vloedverswakking spoedgebiede. Verder word getoon dat die temperatuur-styging van die statorwinding van die PM-ondersteunde RSM laer is as die van die RSM, met deide masjiene by die selfde las
Thesis (MScEng)--University of Stellenbosch, 2005.
Reluctance motors, Rotors, Dissertations -- Electrical engineering, Theses -- Electrical engineering