Strategic communication : The impact or the casino industry on the economy of South Africa : A strategic analysis of the casino industry and Casino Mykonos : An ethical dilemma in the casino industry : Optimisation of profit by evalution of mix of slot machines & optimisation of customer service by evaluation of queuing at cash desks

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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch Business School
This report is an in-depth analysis of the external and internal environment of Casino Mykonos to identify the major communication issues that prevail at the casino and that need immediate attention. This analysis indicates that attention must be given to advertising, as it is one of the industry's key success factors. A stakeholder analysis was also done to determine on whom to focus the company's communication. The major stakeholders are employees and the clients. Because no communication strategy is currently in place, attention was also given to communication aimed at change management, handling a crisis and communicating with the media. Different alternative solutions were generated to solve the issues and after the solutions had been evaluated, the best solutions were used to draw up a proper communication strategy. An appropriate action plan will be set out to ensure the proper implementation of the communication strategy.
Casino industry -- South Africa -- Western Cape, Casino Mykonos (Langebaan, South Africa), Casinos -- Economic aspects -- South Africa -- Western Cape, Casinos -- Moral and ethical aspects