Strategic options for the physiotherapy industry in the current context of private healthcare in South Africa

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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch Business School
South Africa's healthcare industry is at a crossroad as pressure in both the public and private sectors is increasing. Healthcare professionals must reconsider their position in the industry and adapt in this everchanging environment. The physiotherapy profession forms a small part of the healthcare value chain, but it fulfils an important role in the heallhcare system. Unfortunately the profession shows no clear direction and purpose. There also exists a mismatch between the current healthcare environment demands and the physiotherapy service delivery. The aim of this paper was then to do an in depth analysis of the private healthcare industry in which physiotherapy is operating, to analyse the extemal physiotherapy industry and an intemal analysis of the profession so as to construct a generic strategy for the physiotherapy profession in the private healthcare sector in South Africa. Having completed the analysis, major strategic thrusts with a focussed differentiated approach for the profession could then be formulated: • Define physiotherapy and the scope of practice. • Reinstate physiotherapy in the healthcare system. • Develop leadership. • Cooperate within the profession. • Maintain professional autonomy. • Develop business skills
Physiotherapy, Healthcare profession, Private healthcare