A structured approach to reputation management as a contributor to corporate reputation performance and financial performance

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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch Business School
What does corporate reputation entail? Does a strong positive reputation lead to business success? Can a positive reputation be created and managed in a structured way? And, if so, how? The main aim of the study is to investigate whether a structured approach to corporate reputation management exists in South African JSE-tisted companies operating in the services sector and, if so, how it is managed by these companies. The following will be investigated: • Firstly, the financial performance of companies in the services sector according to certain well-known ratios will be determined. • Secondly, the study will investigate whether there is a difference in the reputation management behaviour of companies with a good financial performance versus those with a poor performance, and what these differences entail. • Thirdly, the phenomenon of corporate reputation will be investigated, and the corporate reputation of companies in both the top and bottom groupings will be measured among members of two of their key stakeholder groups. • Finally, the relationship between corporate reputation performance and financial performance in these service companies will be investigated. • The study aims to prove that it is possible to predict which reputation management practices (a structured approach) by organisations has a positive impact on corporate reputation performance and financial performance.
Corporate reputation, Financial performance, Corporations -- Public relations, Corporate image