The state of water in South Africa - are we heading for a crisis?

Haldenwang, B. B.
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Strategy Insight: Natural Environment
The state of water in South Africa has been the subject of widespread public discussions over the past couple of months. Questions asked include: Is SA heading for a water crisis? Does SA have sufficient freshwater resources to sustain both its path of economic growth and its population growth? Is the quality of water deteriorating? Some of these issues are addressed in this Strategy Insights. The recently published Water for Growth & Development Framework (version 7) by DWAF makes a number of high level recom-mendations regarding how government intends to avoid a looming water crisis. Lastly, a couple of pointers are provided on what the business community and industry can do to relieve water stress.
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Haldenwang, B. B. 2009. The state of water in South Africa - are we heading for a crisis. Strategy Insights: Natural Environment, 7(1).