A case study of the response of ABSA Bank to the challenge of HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

Meyambo, Abia Ngaji (2010-03)

Thesis (MPhil (Industrial Psychology. Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management))--University of Stellenbosch, 2010.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The purpose of this case study is to give a chronological narration of how Absa Bank addresses the HIV/AIDS pandemic within its workforce. Through the research I intend to look beyond five years; depending on the availability of documents and cooperation of staff who have access to the relevant information. The introduction includes a short story about how the bank came into existence and the vital role it plays in the South African economy. Second in line is a brief history on the origins of HIV/AIDS from its early stages up to 2008.This will include a brief statistics on the prevalence of the virus globally, with some reasons on the glaring disparities of the prevalence rates among the nations. This is followed by the brief report from the National HIV Survey, whose research methods involves sampling a cross-section of society, including a large number of people from different geographical, racial and social groups. Their researchers claim to take great pains to try to make the samples as representative as possible. As for Absa which is mainly an employer of the predominantly so called “white collar workers”, I have briefly given an anecdote on the studies concerning this particular group and their relationship with HIV/AIDS. This is the group that considers itself immune to the disease. Following will be an introductory statement and notes on the pandemic as a threat to the bank, by the Group’s Risk Department. I will also endeavour to elaborate on show how the Executive Committee responded to the potential threat and challenges facing the bank. The ABSA integrated Wellness and Health Policy, born out of all the top managerial endeavours to mitigate the impact of the pandemic within its ranks will be thoroughly treated. Part of they method will be identifying the originators and stakeholders of the organisation’s HIV/AIDS and Life Threatening Policy. Included will be the information on what really triggered the Bank’s response, to the point of drafting the HIV/AIDS Programme and subsequently implementing it... The Absa HIV/AIDS Policy is part of the integrated Health and Wellness Programme. The question that begs an answer: “Is Absa winning the fight against HIV/AIDS within its ranks or not? This paper will endeavour to analyse whether or not the Bank is effective in its fight against this fast-growing pandemic.

AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie werkstuk het ten doel om die respons van ABSA (een van die groot bankgroepe in Suid- Afrika) op te teken in die vorm van ‘n gevallestudie. Aan die begin van die werkstuk word ‘n kort oorsig van die MIV-pandemie in Suid-en Suider Afrika gegee. In die volgende hoofstuk word die respons van ABSA kronologies en in detail geboekstaaf. Finale gevolgtrekkings word in die laaste hoofstuk gemaak.

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