Liturgie in die spanningsveld tussen die Gereformeerde tradisie en Charismatiese vernuwing binne die konteks van die Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk in Suider Afrika

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The church today, and esspecially the Reformed tradistion find itself in a situation where there is a lot of tension regarding his identity, as a Reformed Church. The post-modern world we live in set a lot of challenges regarding our faith and how we as christains should deal with our embodyment as reformed christians The church and specificaly the Dutch Reformed family are facing daily the lost of a lot off members to the fundamentalistic movements. Members whom are seekers in their fath and whom were in some way or another been challenged by a desire to take their faith to a higher level of experience, which in their lives cannot get satisfaction any more in the reformed tradition. In this thesis I will try to destinquist the balance between Reformed tradistion and Pentecostalism. The thesis will try to embodied the identity of the Reformed tradision by give an overview , look into the questions regarding reformed tradition, what does it mean to be Reformed and proud and also what Reformed use of scripture entails. Allthough it is not the first time that questions like this has been raised, because reformed in the tradition means , to change contantaniously. Pentecostalism on the other side does have a long history regarding orgin and was not just an "appearnce" in the church. The apostle Paul in the early days of the church was in a certain sence very specific obout the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the space for exploration as set out in "1 Korinthians 12." Over the years many enthusiastic movements appeared which led to a total misunderstanding of what Pauls understanding was regarding pentecotalism. Regarding Pentacostalism, and the judging of the movement , the church will have to view their concerns very strongly in terms of the following, appreciation, make accesment regarding their weakness, thoughtfullness and their plan of action. Then the paradigm shifts, ecclesiasticly and liturgical deepening are essential factors in the whole enlightenment towards a more adopting mode. To change does not necesarilly mean to throw all the norms and vallues over board, but to do so in a responsible way. The worship service become in that matter the focal point of attention, including all the elements within the service , searching for ways to improve , ad or adapt. What the worship service is and are suppose to be , a trully place where God allone are been worship and where the Holy Spirittransformes people into living witnesses. The thesis conclude with a usefull set off guidelines according to Thomas Long in his book Beyond the worship wars where he challenge the church to a more transforming way of being church of God.
Thesis (MDiv (Practical Theology and Missiology))--Stellenbosch University, 2007.
Pentecostalism, Christianity -- 20th century, Dissertations -- Theology, Theses -- Theology, Assignments -- Theology, Dissertations -- Practical theology and missiology, Theses -- Practical theology and missiology, Assignments -- Practical theology and missiology