'n Ondersoek na Kristin Linklater se benadering tot stemontwikkeling

Van der Merwe, Schalk Willem
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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
In a study of Kristin Linklater’s approach to voice training the concept of the natural voice and the freeing of it stands central. The natural voice according to Linklater is that voice which is naturally produced by the voice-organs without any restrictions that can inhibit it and thus have a maximum potential for the use during speech/work. The opposite to the natural voice is the unnatural voice, which can be described as the production of speech in such a manner that it is restricted or inhibited by conscious or unconscious means. Linklater’s approach focuses on the recognition of the natural voice and the freeing it from negative habits. Her freeing theory with regards to the natural voice consists of the junction of the acknowledgment of physical and psychological habits in the body with the aim of strengthening the natural voice and not only to teach new vocal techniques and habits. The process of freeing the natural voice consists of recognizing and eliminating negative speech and voice related habits. Linklater’s approach to voice training is not unique. The approaches of the other voice theoreticians such as Berry, Rodenburg, Houseman and Lessac have the same kind of approach to voice training (wich includes the concept of the natural voice). Al though some differences occur in connection to their approaches to the roots of habits and the conditioning of voice habits and the eventual freeing of the natural voice through unlearning of the habits that suppress the natural voice.
Thesis (MDram)--University of Stellenbosch, 2008.
Linklater, Kristin, Stemontwikkeling, Natuurlike stem, Bevryding van stem, Dissertations -- Drama, Theses -- Drama