An analysis of the staff performance management system at the Gene Louw Traffic College

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
The Staff Performance Management System (SPMS) was introduced and implemented in the public service at the start of the 2003/2004 financial year. Apart from being called to align with the Constitution and other relevant acts, it signalled a change in approach and philosophy to measure performance. One of the aims of this new system was to assist in communicating and reinforcing the organisation strategies, values and norms and to integrate individual and corporate objectives. It also aims to ensure that employees are evaluated in terms of a system that is fair, objective, transparent and which provides equitable rewards and recognition. Prior to the implementation of the system it was envisaged that the SPMS should be a system that is characterised by the following: • Managers/supervisors provide leadership and integrate performance with other aspects of their work by accepting primary responsibility to manage the people entrusted to them. • Employees understand that their performance directly contribute to the ongoing success or the organisation. • Individual employees have a full understanding of their work responsibilities and the standards of work expected of them. • Individual employees receive regular and structured feedback on their performance. • Valued performance is recognised and rewarded. However, when the system was implemented no norms and standards were developed against which performance of staff at the Gene Louw Traffic College could be managed. The focal point of this study was to collect data on the current practices of the SPMS as implemented at the Gene Louw Traffic College in order to analyse the data and to identify possible challenges. The key question that stimulated this study is – How can the SPMS be improved to prevent low morale? Recommendations are made regarding the proper implementation of the system, development of norms and standards, SPMS training and incentives in order to alleviate low morale and inefficient performance.
Thesis (MPA (School of Public Management and Planning))--Stellenbosch University, 2008.
Total quality management in government -- South Africa -- Western Cape, Administrative agencies -- South Africa -- Western Cape -- Management -- Evaluation, Gene Louw Traffic College, Dissertations -- Public management and planning, Theses -- Public management and planning