Account-giving in the narratives of personal experience in Sepedi

dc.contributor.advisorDlali, M.
dc.contributor.authorSekhoela, William Godwright
dc.contributor.otherUniversity of Stellenbosch. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Dept. of African Languages.
dc.descriptionThesis (MA (African Languages))-- University of Stellenbosch, 2006.
dc.description.abstractThe study on accounts examines how people account for the activities and experiences through our personal stories emanating from how they behave in the community, and because of the past stories they tell. The study thus provides an examination of accounts as well as account-giving. It provides a scientific understanding of the value and impact of personal stories and story-telling in people’s lives. The problem experienced in relation to accounts relates to how accounts impact on people and vice versa. One hypotheses of this study on accounts relates to the nature of the process associated with people’s presentation of personal account to others. The aims and objectives of this study crucially relate to providing an analysis and understanding of accounts. The research method used in this study provides a basis to the analysis and understanding of accounts in the sense that individuals who were interviewed in the process, provided informative accounts of their childhood stories, some of whom were not aware that they have or had an impact on their daily lives. The main findings of the research provide insights into accounts. The findings are informative and contribute to theory development as regard account-giving, including factors relating to deference and respect. The recommendation that given in this work is that personal stories have a scientific merit in terms of a comunication-theoretic approach to narratives, as shown in the study.en
dc.publisherStellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
dc.subjectDissertations -- Northern Sotho literatureen
dc.subjectTheses -- Northern Sotho literatureen
dc.subjectNarration (Rhetoric)en
dc.subjectFirst person narrativeen
dc.subjectOral tradition -- South Africaen
dc.subjectNorthern Sotho language -- Social aspectsen
dc.titleAccount-giving in the narratives of personal experience in Sepedien
dc.rights.holderUniversity of Stellenbosch

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