Advanced modelling of a borehole radar environment with the finite difference time domain method

Futter, Peter W.
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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
Over the last decade, as the mining industry of South Africa is moving to ever deeper mines, the borehole radar is becoming an increasingly important field of research. In December 2000, Burger completed his thesis on Electromagnetic Modelling of a Borehole Radar Environment with the FDTD Method. The goal of this thesis is to extend the research presented in Burger's thesis, considering how more advanced modelling techniques can be applied to the FDTD analysis of the borehole radar environment. Some of these techniques include implementation of dispersive and conductive material models, and developing Uniaxial Perfectly Matched Layer boundary conditions for matching these model. Simulations were run to measure the performance of these boundary condition for matching dispersive and conductive materials. The thesis also includes the implementation of a parallel version of the FDTD algorithm using the Message Passing Interface library. Finally several realistic borehole models where simulated to test the accuracy of the code and to show how the code can be used to model real world problems.
Thesis (MScEng (Electrical and Electronic Engineering))--University of Stellenbosch, 2001.
Ground penetrating radar, Mining geology, Dissertations -- Electronic engineering, Theses -- Electronic engineering