Assessing community participation : the Huidare informal settlement

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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
This study evaluates community participation in the Huidare Informal Settlement (HDIS) as a case study. The hypothesis is that the breach of trust between the previous community leaders of the HDIS and the current community members has an effect on community participation in issues affecting them and their community today. The research methodology employed is explained as well as the policy context for community participation both on an international level and in Namibia, is reviewed. The legislation on community participation that has been enforced by the City of Windhoek contradicts what happened in the HDIS. The possibility will be investigated as to whether these policy documents of the City of Windhoek are only another form of tokenism.
Thesis (MPhil (Sustainable Development Planning and Management))--University of Stellenbosch, 2005.
Community development, Urban -- Namibia -- Windhoek, Squatter settlements -- Namibia -- Windhoek, Local government -- Namibia -- Windhoek, Political participation -- Namibia -- Windhoek, Dissertations -- Public management and planning, Theses -- Public management and planning