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Facile synthesis of a C4-symmetrical inherently chiral calix[4]arene†

Hodson, Luke ; Visagie, Kevin J. ; Smith, Michael-Phillip ; Loots, Leigh ; Kuter, David ; Snayer, Tregen M. (2021-09)

CITATION: Hodson, L. et al. 2021. Facile synthesis of a C4-symmetrical inherently chiral calix[4]arene†. Chemical Communications 57(84):4 pages. doi.10.1039/D1CC04607A

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Inherently chiral calix[4]arenes with C4-symmetry are extremely rare and difficult to synthesise, severely hampering any effort to expand on their potential as chiral supramolecular catalysts and building blocks. Herein we report a reaction of a tetracarbamate calix[4]arene with NBS which results in a high yield of an inherently chiral calix[4]arenes with C4-symmetry. Furthermore, employing a chiral N-Boc proline moiety allows for separation of the diastereomers formed, thus obtaining the pure enantiomers after hydrolysis. The enantiomers could be assigned based on the CD spectra and DFT calculated values.

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