The challenge of internal unity within the URCSA Cape regional synod : seeking to understand trust, fairness and loyalty

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Trust is the glue of relationships. This research study seeks to understand how fairness and loyalty through the Dialogical Intergenerational Pastoral Process can mobilize trust for the internal unity within the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa - Cape Regional Synod. Internal Unity refers to the relations between different races (especially brown and black members) and culture groups in URCSA Cape. Internal Unity is best captured in the words: Living together. The Dialogical Intergenerational Pastoral Process is the theoretical framework for this research. The goal of the Dialogical Intergenerational Pastoral Process approach is to build and restore trust. The methodology of this study will be conducted along the lines of Richard Osmer’s four tasks of practical theological interpretation namely: i. The descriptive-empirical task (What is going on?) ii. The interpretive task (Why is this going on?) iii. The normative task (What ought to be going on?) iv. The pragmatic task (How might we respond?) The goal of this study is not to provide comprehensive solutions to the challenge of internal unity within the Uniting Reformed Church-Cape Regional Synod. However, this study showed that for trust to be restored there needs to be relational justice. When we try to balance what we are entitled to receive from a relationship and what we are obligated to give in order to maintain the relationship it establishes relational justice or a balance of fairness. This leads to interpersonal trust. The URCSA Cape Regional Synod of 2018 has identified internal unity as a priority that needs to be attended to in the recess. This study aims therefore to add to the conversation around the challenge of internal unity within the Uniting Reformed Church – Cape Regional Synod and how the dialogical intergenerational pastoral process can assist with this process.
Thesis (MTh)--Stellenbosch University, 2022.
Trust, Reformed (Reformed Church), URCSA, Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk in Suider-Afrika, Leadership, UCTD