Towards sustainable funding framework for rural public transport implementation in the Western Cape

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH SUMMARY: Long distances, the necessity for regional connectivity, unreliability, and high costs characterise rural public transport in South Africa. Additionally, local governments do not recognise the importance of public transport as a driver of economic and social development. This is obvious in the lack of comprehensive public transport planning and implementation. The planning horizon is limited to the Integrated Transport Planning and Integrated Development Planning regimes, which plan for the next five years. Funding and human capital constraints within rural municipalities also impede service delivery and allow prioritisation to be geared solely toward political agendas, as there simply aren't enough funds to prioritise public transport over services such as water, sanitation, housing, and electricity. The complexity of rural communities in recognising the interdependencies of numerous factors that prevents the implementation of transportation programmes is not something that municipalities do. This might be a game-changing strategic tool for long-term planning. The study's major goals were to identify challenges related to rural municipalities' failure to carry out the requirements imposed by various transport legislation, and to propose mechanisms that rural municipalities might use to create a sustainable funding framework for public transport implementation. This method is a four-phased approach that municipalities can adapt to assure transport implementation and funding. Semi-structured interviews with municipal officials, provincial government officials, and transport industry specialists were conducted for this exercise. The main findings of the study reveal that rural communities have limited skillsets to deal with transport planning, with most of these municipalities failing to recognise transportation as a vital component of their overall vision. Furthermore, there is no long-term funding strategy in place to help rural municipalities in implementing transportation projects.
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Thesis (MCom)--Stellenbosch University, 2022.
Rural transportation -- South Africa, Municipal services -- South Africa, Local government -- South Africa, UCTD