Mixed convective flow of a visco elastic fluid between two porous parellel plates

Kumar, D. Satish ; Murthy, C. H. V. Ramana ; Anusha, S. ; Makinde, Oluwole D. (2019)

CITATION: Kumar, D. S., et al. 2019. Mixed convective flow of a visco elastic fluid between two porous parellel plates. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 8(3):4830-4834, doi:10.35940/ijrte.C6871.098319.

The original publication is available at https://www.ijrte.org


A diagnostic answer for the problem of sincerely grew loose convective circulation between two vertical parallel plates has been inspected in this paper. The trademark highlights of various parameters were talked about in element. it's miles considered that to be the Grashoff huge variety declines, the profiles are more and more illustrative in nature. Likewise, due to the fact the Grashoff range reductions the charge of the liquid medium increments. it is found that, the pinnacle pace is type of organized at a median separation most of the circulate geometry. similarly, as the Grashoff amount reductions, the imply essential thrust gives off an influence of being step by step main as impact of which the liquid movements quicker within the middle locale. Likewise, it is visible that, the speed increments because the Prandtl quantity discounts. in addition, it is considered that to be the Prandtl variety expands the mass transition diminishes. The mass transition is absolutely constrained thru the parameters, for instance, Reynolds range and Prandtl amount. The flow into supporter in each the instances does no longer differs lots. All above said outcomes and delineations accommodate with the outcomes built up by manner of M. Sajid, I. Pop, T. Hayat

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