Ontwikkelingstrategiee vir die bemagtiging van jeugleiers: 'n indersoek na enkele Suid-Kaapse skole

Joubert, Francois
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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
Leadership development is a life-long process, but support for this process should be started at an early stage. All learners have the gift for leadership, but most do not realise this gift. Adolescence is a time when the leadership potential of individuals must be awakened – it provides an opportunity to help adolescents to became the leaders they already are. The main aim of this study was to devise strategies – through structured survey studies – that could be used by schools and individuals to enhance youth leadership development. The aims that emerged were to determine and describe the current state of affairs regarding youth leadership development in certain schools. Obstacles in the way of effective leadership development were identified and strategies for effective leadership development were formulated. A combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods, undertaken from a structured survey study perspective within an interpretivistic research paradigm, was used. The problem that was researched was the absence of purposeful youth leadership development and how this shortcoming could be addressed in the context of a high school environment, with the support of the necessary development strategies. This study attempted to identify new knowledge that can be used to address the challenges related to youth leadership. The research confirmed the research question that deficient purposeful leadership development strategies exist at school level. This formed the basis for the implementation of a dynamic and flexible leadership development model that includes aspects of both the Quality Leadership and Stage model of youth leadership development. The proposed youth leadership strategies can be applied effectively to address youth leadership development within the current South African context.
Thesis (PhD (Curriculum Studies))--University of Stellenbosch, 2007.
Jeugleierskapontwikkeling, Leierskapstrategieë, Leierskapontwikkelingsmodelle, Dissertations -- Curriculum studies, Dissertations -- Education, Dissertations -- Curriculum studies, Dissertations -- Education