Mammalian exocrine secretions IX : constituents of preorbital secretion of oribi, Ourebia ourebi

Mo, W.-P. ; Burger, B. V. ; Le Roux, M. ; Spies, H. S. C. (1995-08)

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Using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in conjunction with ancillary techniques such as chemical ionization with different reactant gases, determination of the position of double bonds by means of dimethyl disulfide derivatization, and finally gas chromatographic and mass spectrometric comparison with authentic synthetic material, 75 constituents were identified in the preorbital secretion of the male oribi,Ourebia ourebi. The secretion contains compounds with long-chain, unbranched structures similar to those found in many other preorbital secretions but with a finite volatility range, in contrast to the seemingly endlessly increasing chain lengths typical of other preorbital secretions.

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