Mammalian exocrine secretions XVIII : chemical characterization of interdigital secretion of red hartebeest, Alcelaphus buselaphus caama

Reiter, B. ; Burger, B. V. ; Dry, J. (2003-10)

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Gas chromatography, coupled gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (electron impact mode and chemical ionization with methane as reactant gas), gas chromatography-infrared spectroscopy, and derivatization techniques were used to identity 53 compounds in the interdigital secretion of the red hartebeest, Alcelaphus buselaphus caama. These compounds included alkanes, isoalkanes, alcohols, ketones, carboxylic acids, oxiranes, furanoid linalool oxides, and a large number of branched and unbranched saturated and unsaturated aldehydes. The secretion probably plays a role in demarcation of territories by dominant bulls.

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