Towards a maturity model for the assessment of data management of healthcare entities in developing countries

Van der Merwe, Laubscher (2021-03)

Thesis (MEng)--Stellenbosch University, 2021.


ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The study focused on healthcare data management in developing countries.Data management is important for good healthcare service delivery. Data helps management with decision-making based on facts and helps care delivery to patients considering historical data. Health indicators can also be collected for population health surveillance. But for data to be of beneficial use in the health sector, it needs to be accurate, consistent, available and secured. The health sector in developing countries faces many data management challenges and struggles to provide patients with efficient and cost-effective care.These data management challenges span the whole scope of the healthcare data value chain. In healthcare, there are ample challenges with: (i) dataintegration; (ii) human factors; (iii) data collection; (iv) data security; (v)data quality; (vi) infrastructure and technology; (vii) data transmission; (viii)the implementation of systems; (ix) data retrieval; and (x) data governance.Improving the management of healthcare data can lead to improved health-care service delivery. To improve healthcare data management effectively, it is important to determine which components to focus on. Therefore, the aim of the study was to develop a maturity model that assesses the as-is state of a healthcare delivery entity’s data management across the whole healthcare data value chain, which then identifies the areas of improvement. Maturity models are designed to assess the maturity of a selected domain based on a set of criteria. They are artefacts that determine the status quoof the capabilities of an organisation and derive measures to improve from there.The basic purpose of maturity models is to outline the maturity levels that can be used to make maturity assessments. This includes the description of the characteristics of each level and the logical relationship between levels.Therefore, this study investigated the use of a maturity model as a suit-able research product to assess the healthcare data management in developing countries. To this end, a customised tool called the Healthcare Data Management Maturity Model (HCDMMM) was developed to assess data management of healthcare delivery entities in developing countries, including hospitals and clinics at the facility level, and the headquarters at the organisational level.Both facility and organisational levels were included in the study to address data management challenges across the whole data management system in healthcare. Throughout the development process of the HCDMMM, the structure and components were verified for their theoretical soundness. After the development process, it was further verified against the specified requirements for the proposed solution. The HCDMMM was also validated to ascertain whether it is useful to its intended users by evaluating it against the dimensions of applicability, practicability, usability, and determining strengths and weaknesses

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