Land law and governance : African perspectives on land tenure and title

Pienaar, Juanita M. (2018)

CITATION: Pienaar, J. M. 2018. Land law and governance : African perspectives on land tenure and title. Journal of South African Law / Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg, 2018(2):455-458.

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The publication is a product that was initiated by the International Alliance for Land Tenure and Administration, following the Conference of the Commission on Legal Pluralism that was held in conjunction with the erstwhile Centre for Legal and Applied Research at the University of Cape Town in September 2011. The book consists of eight chapters. The first chapter, co-authored by three of the editors – Mostert, Verstappen and Zevenbergen – contextualises the research theme and provides insight into the approach and main findings of the project. The remaining seven chapters deal with various issues pertinent to the overarching theme constituting land law and governance, with a special focus on tenure. These perspectives highlight issues in relation to South Africa (communal land tenure – chapter 2 (Mostert and Jacobs) and land title in social context – chapter 4 (Kingwill)); Botswana (customary land rights in an urban context – chapter 6 (Akrofi and Whittal), land administration tools in peri-urban Gaborone – chapter 7 (Van Asperen, Kalabamu and Zevenbergen)), Namibia (registration of communal lands – chapter 8 (Amoo and Mapaure)) and Kenya (chapter 3 (Wairimu and Hebinck)). Chapter 5 (Chenitz and Richardson) contains a general analysis, not jurisdiction-specific, regarding the risks associated with the individualisation of land rights generally, whereas Chapter 6, alluded to above, also has a legal comparative dimension as it reflects on Botswana, Namibia and Ghana.

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