The development of a transformative business-driven action learning framework

Robertson, Sarah Jane (2019-12)

Thesis (PhD)--Stellenbosch University, 2019.


ENGLISH SUMMARY : This present study is located within the realm of Business-Driven Action Learning (BDAL) in a management development programme. BDAL, a philosophy and process, results in many types of learning. Individual learning is sometimes ignored as participants at times focus on the task of solving the business challenge to the detriment of their own learning. In terms of individual learning there exists the possibility for participants to experience a new way of thinking, known as transformative learning. The aim of this present study was to explore how (if at all) individual transformative learning could be embedded into a BDAL framework. The research question: How should a BDAL framework be designed to facilitate individual transformative learning during a management development programme, was addressed through a narrative inquiry approach using hand-drawn images and in-depth interviews grounded in a constructivist paradigm. The research findings revealed antecedents to BDAL, processes during BDAL and individual transformative learning outcomes. Antecedents to BDAL included readiness of the participant to learn (willing, able and time to learn), supportive relationships and team conditions that support learning. Processes that needed to take place during BDAL included active reflection on self and others and the need for a sense of control. The individual transformative learning outcomes discovered were understanding multiple perspectives, and self-awareness and confidence. The findings contribute to the BDAL component parts framework thereby supplementing the theory on BDAL to form a new conceptual framework called Transformative Business-Driven Action Learning (TBDAL). It is suggested that TBDAL be applied during the design and facilitation of management development programmes. In addition to this new conceptual framework, conceptual guidelines were recommended for the four key stakeholders (participant, sponsoring organisation, action learning facilitator and learning institution) as each stakeholder has the potential to contribute to TBDAL before, during and after the TBDAL process to promote potential for individual transformative learning. This present study makes a scholarly, practice and methodology contribution.

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