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Introduction to the French GEOTRACES North Atlantic Transect (GA01) : GEOVIDE cruise

Sarthou, Geraldine ; Lherminier, Pascale ; Achterberg, Eric P. ; Alonso-Perez, Fernando ; Bucciarelli, Eva ; Boutorh, Julia ; Bouvier, Vincent ; Boyle, Edward A. ; Branellec, Pierre ; Carracedo, Lidia I. ; Casacuberta, Nuria ; Castrillejo, Maxi ; Cheize, Marie ; Pereira, Leonardo Contreira ; Cossa, Daniel ; Daniault, Nathalie ; De Saint-Leger, Emmanuel ; Dehairs, Frank ; Deng, Feifei ; De Gesincourt, Floriane Desprez ; Devesa, Jeremy ; Foliot, Lorna ; Fonseca-Batista, Debany ; Gallinari, Morgane ; Garcia-Ibanez, Maribel I. ; Gourain, Arthur ; Grossteffan, Emilie ; Hamon, Michel ; Heimburger, Lars Eric ; Henderson, Gideon M. ; Jeandel, Catherine ; Kermabon, Catherine ; Lacan, Francois ; Le Bot, Philippe ; Le Goff, Manon ; Le Roy, Emilie ; Lefebvre, Alison ; Leizour, Stephane ; Lemaitre, Nolwenn ; Masque, Pere ; Menage, Olivier ; Barraqueta, Jan-Lukas Menzel ; Mercier, Herle ; Perault, Fabien ; Perez, Fiz F. ; Planquette, Helene F. ; Planchon, Frederic ; Roukaerts, Arnout ; Sanial, Virginie ; Sauzede, Raphaelle ; Schmechtig, Catherine ; Shelley, Rachel U. ; Stewart, Gillian ; Sutton, Jill N. ; Tang, Yi ; Tisnerat-Laborde, Nadine ; Tonnard, Manon ; Treguer, Paul ; Van Beek, Pieter ; Zurbrick, Cheryl M. ; Zunino, Patricia (2018-11-29)

CITATION: Sarthou, G., et al. 2018. Introduction to the French GEOTRACES North Atlantic Transect (GA01) : GEOVIDE cruise. Biogeosciences, 15(4):7097-7109, doi:10.5194/bg-15-7097-2018.

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The GEOVIDE cruise, a collaborative project within the framework of the international GEOTRACES programme, was conducted along the French-led section in the North Atlantic Ocean (Section GA01), between 15 May and 30 June 2014. In this special issue (, results from GEOVIDE, including physical oceanography and trace element and isotope cyclings, are presented among 18 articles. Here, the scientific context, project objectives, and scientific strategy of GEOVIDE are provided, along with an overview of the main results from the articles published in the special issue.

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