"Jesus" en "Politiek"? : Christologiese literatuur en publieke teologie vanuit 'n Suid-Afrikaanse perspektief

Smit, D. J. (2013)

CITATION: Smit, D. J. 2013. 'Jesus' en 'Politiek'? : Christologiese literatuur en publieke teologie vanuit 'n Suid-Afrikaanse perspektief. Scriptura, 112(1):1-19, doi:10.7833/112-0-42.

The original publication is available at http://scriptura.journals.ac.za


The article deals with potential ethical implications of contemporary Christological studies. In a first section the argument is made that doctrine and ethics belong together. In the central section, this claim is illustrated with reference to recent approaches to Christology. Under the theme ‘Christology and Ethics’ six popular approaches are discussed with a view to their respective ethical implications. In each instance, representative examples are provided. The six approaches are those that underline living in communion with Christ, that emphasize remembering Jesus, that call for discipleship, that employ the threefold office, that are based on the worship of Christ and that emphasize Christ’s promised future. In a brief, final section three conclusions are developed regarding Christology and public theology, or Jesus and politics.

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