Threats to the tropical island dragonfly fauna (Odonata) of Mayotte, Comoro archipelago

Samways M.J. (2003)


The dragonfly fauna of the 374 km2 island of Mayotte in the western Indian Ocean comprises some widespread African species and some Comoro endemics, and is a biodiversity hotspot. This dragonfly assemblage is under threat from increasing human impact as it creeps up the water courses from the periphery of the island towards the centre. Among these impacts are indigenous tree removal and replacement growth by alien vegetation. An even greater impact and threat is detergent input into streams. The intensity of this impact is so great that the streams and rocks become white. To date, although often the wings and bodies of odonates become stained white with detergent, the dragonfly assemblage appears remarkably tolerant of this impact. However, there is differential impact, with loss of island endemic species in the most impacted areas. In contrast, the geographically widespread and eurytopic species continue to thrive in these impacted areas, at least in the short term. It is urgent to change people's water-usage behaviour, both for their benefit and for the endemic dragonfly assemblage.

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