A second polymorph of (2-thiazolidinethionato)-(triphenylphosphine)gold(I)

Horvath U.E.I. ; Cronje S. ; Nogai S.D. ; Raubenheimer H.G. (2006)


The title compound, [Au(C3H4NS2)(C 18H15P)], contains a thiazolidinethione ligand coordinated to an AuI atom through the S atom. A triphenylphosphine ligand completes the linear coordination geometry around the Au atom. The compound contains two molecules in the asymmetric unit and is a polymorphic form of a previously reported structure [Grant, Forward & Fackler Jr (1996). Z. Kristallogr. 211, 483-484]. The composite molecules in the two forms exhibit nearly identical bond distances and angles. © 2006 International Union of Crystallography. All rights reserved.

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