Dibenzyl pentathiodicarbonate

Weber W.G. ; McLeary J.B. ; Gertenbach J.-A. ; Loots L. (2008)


In the title compound, C16H14S5, the non-bonded intra-molecular distances between the non-terminal S atoms are 2.808 (16) and 2.784 (16) Å, shorter than the typical distance of 2.9 Å. One phenyl ring participates in an offset π-π inter-action with another phenyl ring related by a centre of inversion; the inter-planar distance is 3.41 (2) Å. The crystal structure also exhibits edge-to-face C - H⋯π stacking of the phenyl rings, thus forming a herring-bone packing motif. © International Union of Crystallography 2008.

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