Hexakis(1H-imidazole-N 3)cobalt(III) tris-(hexa- fluoridophosphate) hexa-hydrate

Surdykowski A. ; Czkowska A. ; Dobrzaska L. ; Szyk E. (2009)


In the crystal structure of the title compound, [Co(C3H 4N2)6](PF6)3·6H2O, the CoIII atom lies on a special position with site-symmetry and the P atom is located on a special position with site symmetry . The CoIII atom has an almost ideal octa-hedral coordination formed by the N atoms of six imidazole ligands. The water mol-ecules form hydrogen-bonded helical chains propagating in [001] by O- H⋯O inter-actions with a distance of 2.913 (2) Å. They simultaneously inter-act as hydrogen-bond acceptors and donors with the cations and anions, respectively, resulting in the formation of a three-dimensional assembly. Weak C- H⋯F inter-actions further stabilize the crystal structure.

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