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  • A unique fingerprint? Factors influencing attitudes towards science and technology in South Africa 

    Guenther, Lars; Weingart, Peter (Academy of Science of South Africa, 2016)
    From an international perspective, research in the field of public attitudes towards science and technology has been conducted since the 1970s. A frequently proposed – and empirically supported – theory is that strong ...

  • The early history of research funding in South Africa : from the Research Grant Board to the FRD 

    Luruli, Ndivhuwo M.; Mouton, Johann (Academy of Science of South Africa, 201612)
    The South African government has a long tradition of supporting research at public higher education institutions. Such support commenced in the early 20th century, although the exact nature of the support at that time is ...

  • South African corresponding authors on perceived beneficiaries and the nature of university research 

    Boshoff, N. (HESA, 2017)
    About 2 000 corresponding authors of articles in the Web of Science (who had a South African university address) selected from a list of 22 categories the perceived beneficiaries of their research. A beneficiary was defined ...

  • Open data intermediaries in developing countries 

    Van Schalkwyk, Francois; Canares, Michael; Chattapadhyay, Sumandro; Andrason, Alexander (Centre for Community Informatics, Research, Development and Training, 2016)
    This paper offers a more socially nuanced approach to open data intermediaries using the theoretical framework of Bourdieu’s social model, particularly his species of capital. Secondary data on intermediaries from Emerging ...

  • Use of scientific research by South African winemakers 

    Boshoff, Nelius (SISSA, 2014-02)
    The study investigated the extent to which transmission and cognition, the first two stages in the research use process, are accomplished for winemakers. “Transmission-cognition” was operationalized as the frequency of ...

  • Types of knowledge in science-based practices 

    Boshoff, Nelius (SISSA, 2014)
    Science communication as an interdisciplinary field of study has always been concerned with issues of knowledge utilisation. This theoretical paper focusses on the “knowledge” part of knowledge utilisation and provides ...