Fungi occurring on proteaceae. I.

Swart L. ; Crous P.W. ; Denman S. ; Palm M.E. (1998)


The present study has led to the description of several new fungi occurring on leaves of Protea L., Leucospermum R.Br., Telopea R.Br. and Brabejum L. collected from South Africa, Australia or New Zealand. Cladophialophora proteae L. Viljoen and Crous, Coniothyrium nitidae Crous and S. Denman, Coniothyrium proteae Crous and S. Denman, Coniothyrium leucospermi Crous and S. Denman, Harknessia leucospermi Crous and L Vilioen, and Septoria protearum L. Viljoen and Crous spp. nov. are described from Protea and Leucospermum in South Africa, while Phyllosticta owaniana G. Winter is redescribed from leaves of Brabejum stellatifolium L. Furthermore, Mycosphaerella telopeae M. Palm and Crous sp. nov. is described from leaves of Telopea collected in New Zealand, while Phyllosticta telopeae H.Y. Yip, which also occurs on this host, is described in culture from Australian material.

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