Forensic medicine part I. Child abuse: management of physical abuse (children 0-13 years of age).

Schaaf H.S. (2004)


Child abuse is the intentional maltreatment of a child with the purpose of inflicting injury or harm. The doctor's role in the management of child abuse is to: 1. Recognise or identify the problem. 2. Mobilise the child abuse management team. 3. Get a complete medical history. 4. Do a thorough clinical examination for treatment and medico-legal purposes. 5. Do special investigations as indicated. 6. Treat and refer child appropriately. 7. Provide medico-legal evidence if required (note taking and J88 forms). 8. Notify the Department of Social Services about abuse. 9. Ensure the safety of the child together with the management team. 10. Arrange follow-up visit(s).

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