Isotopic production cross sections in proton-nucleus collisions at 200 MeV

Machner H. ; Aschman D.G. ; Baruth-Ram K. ; Carter J. ; Cowley A.A. ; Goldenbaum F. ; Nangu B.M. ; Pilcher J.V. ; Sideras-Haddad E. ; Sellschop J.P.F. ; Smit F.D. ; Spoelstra B. ; Steyn D. (2006)


Intermediate-mass fragments from the interaction of Al27, Co59, and Au197 with 200-MeV protons were measured in an angular range from 20° to 120° in the laboratory system. The fragments, ranging from isotopes of helium up to isotopes of carbon, were isotopically resolved. Double-differential cross sections, energy-differential cross sections, and total cross sections were extracted. © 2006 The American Physical Society.

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