Octupole degree of freedom for the critical-point candidate nucleus Sm152 in a reflection-asymmetric relativistic mean-field approach

Zhang W. ; Li Z.P. ; Zhang S.Q. ; Meng J. (2010)


The potential energy surfaces of even-even Sm146-156 are investigated in the constrained reflection-asymmetric relativistic mean-field approach with parameter set PK1. It is shown that the critical-point candidate nucleus Sm152 marks the shape/phase transition not only from U(5) to SU(3) symmetry, but also from the octupole-deformed ground state in Sm150 to the quadrupole-deformed ground state in Sm154. By including the octupole degree of freedom, an energy gap near the Fermi surface for single-particle levels in Sm152 with β2=0.14~0.26 is found and the important role of the octupole deformation driving pair ν2f7/2 and ν1i13/2 is demonstrated. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

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