Remotely controllable wireless road stud network

Le Roux, J. H. ; Barnard, A. ; Booysen, Marthinus J. (2013-10)

Intelligent Transportation Systems - (ITSC), 2013 16th International IEEE Conference on 6-9 October 2013, The Hague, Netherlands.

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Developing countries face many infrastructure related challenges, one of them being road safety. This paper proposes a novel system introducing a network of wirelessly connected road studs that are remotely controllable from an online platform. In this proof-of-concept demonstrator, a smallscale set-up was designed and constructed to assist in the analysis of the requirements for such a system, which will form part of a greater ITS system. The system consists of three functional parts, namely the online SMART platform which is used to transmit commands to the road studs in the field via a GSM connection; the coordinator unit, which receives the commands through a GSM modem from the platform and then transmits the relevant data to the road studs through an IEEE 802.15.4 based wireless network; the road stud units, which receives commands from the coordinator and reconfigures its settings in terms of colour, brightness and flashing frequency accordingly. In this paper we review the design process and highlight some key results from the constructed model.

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