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  • Active, Passive and Neuter-Passive verb constructions in Oshindonga: Argument alternation and event structure properties 

    Shiwanda, Simon (2018-03)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This study examines the argument alternations and event structure properties of active, passive and neuter-passive of various verb classes in Oshindonga and also to develop a more formal syntactic and ...

  • From dis-enclosure to decolonisation : in dialogue with Nancy and Mbembe on self-determination and the other 

    Gerber, Schalk Hendrik (MDPI, 2018)
    What might a sense of decolonisation (not)/be? Or, what comes after the logic of the coloniser? This question is at the centre of many debates in South Africa and extends to all countries worldwide who are faced with the ...

  • Ethanol production potential from AFEX™ and steam-exploded sugarcane residues for sugarcane biorefineries 

    Mokomele, Thapelo; Da Costa Sousa, Leonardo; Balan, Venkatesh; Van Rensburg, Eugene; Dale, Bruce E.; Görgens, Johann F. (BioMed Central, 2018-05-04)
    Background: Expanding biofuel markets are challenged by the need to meet future biofuel demands and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, while using domestically available feedstock sustainably. In the context of the ...

  • Caregiver experiences of public services following child trauma exposure : a qualitative study 

    Williamson, Victoria; Halligan, Sarah L.; Coetzee, Bronwyne; Butler, Ian; Tomlinson, Mark; Skeen, Sarah; Stewart, Jackie (BioMed Central, 2018-04-10)
    Background: Many children in low and middle income countries (LMIC) are exposed to trauma. Contact with public services are a potential influence on parent–child reactions and coping post-trauma. Little is known about how ...

  • The ethics of responsibility : the ethical philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas 

    Van Der Merwe, Willie; De Voss, Vida (SUN MeDIA Bloemfontein, 2008)
    Emmanuel Levinas’s ethics is based on the Other/other. He argues that we are in an asymmetrical relationship with our neighbour that pre-destines us to ethical responsibility even before consciousness or choice. In the ...

  • A refined multiscale self-entropy approach for the assessment of cardiac control complexity : application to long QT syndrome type 1 patients 

    Bari, Vlasta; Girardengo, Giulia; Marchi, Andrea; De Maria, Beatrice; Brink, Paul A.; Crotti, Lia; Schwartz, Peter J.; Porta, Alberto (MDPI, 2015)
    The study proposes the contemporaneous assessment of conditional entropy (CE) and self-entropy (sE), being the two terms of the Shannon entropy (ShE) decomposition, as a function of the time scale via refined multiscale ...

  • The cytotoxicity of the ajoene analogue BisPMB in WHCO1 oesophageal cancer cells is mediated by CHOP/GADD153 

    Siyo, Vuyolwethu; Schafer, Georgia; Hunter, Roger; Grafov, Andriy; Grafova, Iryna; Nieger, Martin; Katz, Arieh A.; Parker, M. Iqbal; Kaschula, Catherine H. (MDPI, 2017)
    Garlic is a food and medicinal plant that has been used in folk medicine since ancient times for its beneficial health effects, which include protection against cancer. Crushed garlic cloves contain an array of small ...

  • Adherence to referral criteria at admission and patient management at a specialized burns centre : the case of the red cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa 

    Boissin, Constance; Hasselberg, Marie; Kronblad, Emil; Kim, So-Mang; Wallis, Lee; Rode, Heinz; Laflamme, Lucie (MDPI, 2017)
    Referral guidelines for burn care are meant to assist in decision-making as regards patient transfer and admissions to specialized units. Little is known, however, concerning how closely they are followed and whether they ...

  • Cartography of Short yiqtol in Biblical Hebrew 

    Andrason, Alexander (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, 2016)
    This paper provides a dynamic (i.e. cognitive, typological and grammaticalization driven) analysis of short yiqtol in Biblical Hebrew. The author argues that short yiqtol can be understood as a coherent construction if ...

  • Angio-oedema associated with colistin 

    Abulfathi, A. A.; Greyling, T.; Makiwane, M.; Esser, M.; Decloedt, E. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2016)
    A 50-year-old woman known to have type 1 diabetes mellitus presented with a rare case of angio-oedema associated with colistin use. The angio-oedema was temporally associated with the use and discontinuation of colistin ...

  • Religion : a new Struggle for African Identity 

    Sanni, John Sodiq (Unisa Press, 2016)
    Looking at most African countries, one realises that the social imaginaries which make us who we are, continue to be an issue in every society. It is even more rampant when we think of the role religion plays in determining ...

  • Comparing Johnson’s SBB, Weibull and Logit-Logistic bivariate distributions for modeling tree diameters and heights using copulas 

    Gorgoso-Varela, Jose J.; Garcia-Villabrille, Juan Daniel; Rojo-Alboreca, Alberto; Von Gadow, Klaus; Alvarez-Gonzalez, Juan Gabriel (Instituto Nacional de Investigacion y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria, 2016)
    Aim of study: In this study we compare the accuracy of three bivariate distributions: Johnson’s SBB, Weibull-2P and LL-2P functions for characterizing the joint distribution of tree diameters and heights. Area of study: ...

  • AuII : skaars of afgeskeep? 'n Kritiese literatuuroorsig 

    Raubenheimer, Helgard G. (LitNet, 2016-06-17)
    Verbindings van AuII is reeds langer as 60 jaar bekend. ’n Literatuurstudie toon dat slegs ’n beperkte aantal struktuur- en bindingstipes tot dusver in suiwer vorm geïsoleer en gekarakteriseer kon word. Die grootste enkele ...

  • RABADIA RATŠHATŠHA: Studies in African language literature, linguistics, translation and lexicography 

    After forty years in academia, P.S. Groenwald leaves a rich heritage, which is measured not only in terms of his impressive list of publications, but also in terms of those for whom he was the academic mentor. His versatility ...

  • Language Science and Language Technology in Africa: A Festschrift for Justus C. Roux 

    Ndinga-Koumba-Binza, Hugues Steve; Bosch, Sonja E. (SUN MeDIA, 2012)
    BOOK BLURB: This book provides a broad overview of current work on South African languages, language resources and language technologies. While it provides a fairly comprehensive overview, it also ties together the most ...

  • Afri-Can Forum 2 

    Mukudu, Hillary; Martinson, Neil; Sartorius, Benn; Coetzee, Jenny; Dietrich, Janan; Mokgatswana, Kgaugelo; Jewkes, Rachel; Gray, Glenda E.; Dugas, Marylene; Behanzin, Luc; Guedou, Fernand A.; Gagnon, Marie-Pierre; Alary, Michel; Rutakumwa, Rwamahe; Mbonye, Martin; Kiwanuka, Thadeus; Nakamanya, Sarah; Muhumuza, Richard; Nalukenge, Winfred; Seeley, Janet; Atujuna, Millicent; Wallace, Melissa; Brown, Ben; Bekker, Linda G.; Newman, Peter A.; Harryparsad, Rushil; Olivier, Abraham J.; Jaspan, Heather B.; Wilson, Douglas; Dietrich, Janan; Martinson, Neil; Mukudu, Hillary; Mkhize, Nonhlanhla; Morris, Lynn; Cianci, Gianguido; Dinh, Minh; Hope, Thomas; Passmore, Jo-Ann S.; Gray, Clive M.; Henrick, Bethany M.; Yao, Xiao-Dan; Rosenthal, Kenneth L.; Henrick, Bethany M.; Yao, Xiao-Dan; Drannik, Anna G.; Rosenthal, Kenneth L.; Chanzu, Nadia; Mwanda, Walter; Oyugi, Julius; Anzala, Omu; Mbow, Moustapha; Jallow, Sabelle; Thiam, Moussa; Davis, Alberta; Diouf, Assane; Ndour, Cheikh T.; Seydi, Moussa; Dieye, Tandakha N.; Mboup, Souleymane; Goodier, Martin; Rilley, Eleanor; Jaye, Assan; Yao, Xiao-Dan; Omange, R. W.; Henrick, Bethany M.; Lester, Richard T.; Kimani, Joshua; Ball, T. B.; Plummer, Francis A.; Rosenthal, Kenneth L.; Behanzin, Luc; Guedou, Fernand A.; Geraldo, Nassirou; Mastetse, Ella G.; Sossa, Jerome C.; Zannou, Marcel D.; Alary, Michel; Osawe, Sophia; Okpokoro, Evaezi; Okolo, Felicia; Umaru, Stephen; Abimiku, Rebecca; Audu, Sam; Datong, Pam; Abimiku, Alashle; Nyange, Jacquelyn; Olenja, Joyce; Mutua, Gaudensia; Jaoko, Walter; Omosa-Manyonyi, Gloria; Farah, Bashir; Khaniri, Maureen; Anzala, Omu; Cockcroft, Anne; Tonkin, Kendra; Girish, Indu; Mhati, Puna; Cunningham, Ashley; Andersson, Neil; Farah, Bashir; Indangasi, Jackton; Jaoko, Walter; Mutua, Gaudensia; Khaniri, Maureen; Nyange, Jacquelyn; Anzala, Omu; Diphoko, Thabo; Gaseitsiwe, Simani; Maiswe, Victoria; Iketleng, Thato; Maruapula, Dorcas; Bedi, Keabetswe; Moyo, Sikhulile; Musonda, Rosemary; Wainberg, Mark; Makhema, Joseph; Novitsky, Vladimir; Marlink, Richard; Essex, Max; Okoboi, Stephen; Ssali, Livingstone; Kalibala, Sam; Birungi, Josephine; Egessa, Aggrey; Wangisi, Jonathan; Okullu, Lyavala J.; Bakanda, Celestin; Obare, Francis; Boer, I. M. S.; Semvua, Hadija H.; Van Den Boogaard, Jossy; Kiwango, Krisanta W.; Ngowi, Kennedy M.; Nieuwkerk, Pythia T.; Aarnoutse, Rob E.; Kiwelu, Ireen; Muro, Eva; Kibiki, Gibson S.; Datiri, Ruth; Choji, Grace; Osawe, Sophia; Okpokoro, Evaezi; Okolo, Felicia; Umaru, Stephen; Abimiku, Rebecca; Datong, Pam; Abimiku, Alashle; Fomsgaard, A.; Karlsson, I.; Jensen, K. J; Jensen, S. S.; Leo-Hansen, C.; Jespersen, S.; Da Silva Te, D.; Rodrigues, C. M.; Da Silva, Z. J.; Janitzek, C. M.; Gerstoft, J.; Kronborg, G.; Okpokoro, Evaezi; Osawe, Sophia; Daitiri, Ruth; Choji, Grace; Umaru, Stephen; Okolo, Felicia; Datong, Pam; Emily, Nyariki; Joyce, Olenja; Robert, Lorway R.; Anzala, Anzala; Viljoen, Katie; Wendoh, Jerome; Kidzeru, Elvis; Karaoz, Ulas; Brodie, Eoin; Botha, Gerrit; Mulder, Nicola; Gray, Clive; Cameron, William; Stintzi, Alain; Jaspan, Heather; Levett, Paul N.; Alexander, David; Gulzar, Naveed; Grewal, Prabvir S.; Poon, Art F Y.; Brumme, Zabrina; Harrigan, P. R.; Brooks, James I.; Sandstrom, Paul A.; Calvez, Stryker; Sanche, Stephen E.; Scott, Jamie K.; Swartz, Leslie; Kagee, Ashraf; Lesch, Anthea; Kafaar, Zuhayr; De Wet, Anneliese; Okpokoro, Evaezi; Osawe, Sophia; Daitiri, Ruth; Choji, Grace; Umaru, Stephen; Okolo, Felicia; Datong, Pam; Abimiku, Alashle; Dietrich, Janan; Smith, Tricia; Cotton, Laura; Hornschuh, Stefanie; Van Der Watt, Martin; Miller, Cari L.; Gray, Glenda; Smit, Jenni; Jaggernath, Manjeetha; Ndungu, Thumbi; Brockman, Mark; Kaida, Angela; Akolo, Maureen; Kimani, Joshua; Gelmon, Larry; Chitwa, Michael; Osero, Justus; Cockcroft, Anne; Marokoane, Nobantu; Kgakole, Leagajang; Maswabi, Boikhutso; Mpofu, Neo; Ansari, Umaira; Andersson, Neil; Nakinobe, Elizabeth; Miiro, George M.; Zalwango, Flavia; Nakiyingi-Miiro, Jessica; Kaleebu, Potiano; Semwanga, John R.; Nyanzi, Emily; Musoke, Saidat N.; Nakinobe, Elizabeth; Miiro, George; Mbidde, Edward K.; Lutalo, Tom; Kaleebu, Pontiano; Handema, Ray; Chianzu, Graham P.; Thiam, Moussa; Diagne-Gueye, Diabou; Ndiaye, Mame K.; Mbow, Moustapha; Ndiaye, Birahim P.; Traore, Ibrahima; Dia, Mamadou C.; Thomas, Gilleh; Tour-Kane, Coumba; Mboup, Souleymane; Jaye, Assan; Nyanzi, Emily; Mbidde, Edward K.; Kaleebu, Pontiano; Mpendo, Juliet; Kimani, Joshua; Birungi, Josephine; Muyindike, Winnie; Kambugu, Andrew; Sebastian, Hachizovu; Ray, Handema; Mike, Chaponda; Bertin, Kabuya J.; Modest, Mulenga; Thiam, Moussa; Janha, Omar; Davis, Alberta; Amambua-Ngwa, Alfred; Nwakanma, Davis C.; Mboup, Souleymane; Jaye, Assan; Jespersen, Sanne; Hønge, Bo L.; Esbjornsson, Joakim; Medina, Candida; Te, David Da Silva; Correira, Faustino G.; Laursen, Alex L.; Ostergaard, Lars; Andersen, Andreas; Aaby, Peter; Erikstrup, Christian; Wejse, Christian; Dieye, Siry; Sarr, Moussa; Sy, Haby; Mbodj, Helene D.; Ndiaye, Marianne; Ndiaye, Amy; Moussa, Seydi; Jaye, Assan; Mboup, Souleymane; Nyombi, Balthazar M.; Shao, Elichilia R.; Chilumba, Innocent B.; Moyo, Sikhulile; Gaseitsiwe, Simani; Musonda, Rosemary; Datong, Pam; Inyang, Bucky; Osawe, Sophia; Izang, Abel; Cole, Chundung; Okolo, Felicia; Cameron, Bill; Rosenthal, Kenneth; Gray, Clive; Jaspan, Heather; Seraise, Boitumelo; Andrea-Marobela, Kerstin; Moyo, Sikhulile; Musonda, Rosemary; Makhema, Joseph; Essex, Max; Gaseitsiwe, Simani (Biomed Central, 2016-07-12)
    Meeting abstracts

  • Die ervaring van aktiewe betrokkenheid by 'n aanlyn Facebook-ondersteuningsgroep as ʼn vorm van ondersteuning vir individue wat met Meervoudige Sklerose gediagnoseer is 

    Pretorius, Chrisma (Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns, 2016-09)
    Hierdie studie benut 'n kwalitatiewe metodologie om 'n grootliks onverkende onderwerp, nie net in Suid-Afrika nie, maar wêreldwyd te ondersoek. Bestaande navorsing oor ondersteuningsnetwerke vir mense met meervoudige ...

  • Spreke en saamleef : oor korrektheid en waarheid in Suid-Afrika se kultuurpolitieke diskoers 

    Van Niekerk, Anton A. (Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns, 2014-12)
    See article.

  • Toxoplasma gondii seroprevalence studies on humans and animals in Africa 

    Hammond-Aryee, Kenneth Nii Ofei; Esser, Monika; Van Helden, Paul D. (Medpharm Publications, 2014)
    Background: Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by Toxoplasma gondii, which can infect nearly all mammalian and avian species. Approximately 25% of the global human population is thought to be infected. Interest in toxoplasmosis ...

  • Kunsmatige intrauteriene inseminasie met gewaste voorbereide eggenootsemen 

    De Villiers, T. J.; Kruger, T. F.; Van Der Merwe, J. P.; Menkveld, R. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1987-10)
    Intra-uterine insemination with washed spermatozoa of the husband was evaluated in 42 infertile couples during 103 treatment cycles. A pregnancy rate of 47.3% was obtained after an average of 2 treatment cycles in a group ...

  • Biochemiese en Hematologiese Veranderinge Tydens Eksperimentele Hipercholesterolemie 

    Rossouw, D. J.; Engelbrecht, F. M. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1973-11)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Various biochemical and hematological parameters were investigated during experimentally induced hypercholesterolemia in rabbits. A close correlation between the total serum cholesterol concentration and ...

  • Narkose vir timektonie in myasthenia gravis 

    Roelofse, J. A. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1981-10)
    This report emphasizes the medical, surgical and anaesthetic aspects of the treatment in cases of myasthenia gravis. Since many of the drugs used in anaesthesia affect the activity of the neuromuscular conduction mechanism, ...

  • Aortokoronêre omleidingschirurgie te Tygerberg-Hospitaal, 1978-1980 

    Barnard, P. M.; Lubbe, J. J. De W.; Rossouw, J. J.; Weich, H. F. H. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1982-11)
    Between January 1978 and December 1980, 118 patients underwent saphenous vein bypass surgery for obstructive coronary artery disease at Tygerberg Hospital. Sixteen patients in addition to bypass surgery underwent mitral ...

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