Die mens is nie net 'n nommer nie

dc.contributor.authorBock, O. A. A.
dc.identifier.citationBock, O.A.A. 1975. Man is not just a number. SA Medical Journal, 49(14), 593-595,
dc.identifier.issn0256-9574 (print)
dc.identifier.issn2078-5135 (online)
dc.descriptionThe original publication is available from
dc.description.abstractMan is not just a number, but a unique blend of body, personality and social being. Everyone will become ill at some stago;! of his or her life, because nobody enjoys perfect health. To understand fully the nature of this illness, the doctor should be aware of (i) stress, and the ways in which a human being can respond to it; (ii) the concepts of incompetence and psychosocial life crises; (iii) the postulates of Halliday; and (iv) the importance of good communication with the patient.en_ZA
dc.format.extentp. 593-595
dc.publisherHealth and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)
dc.subjectDoctor-patient relationshipen_ZA
dc.titleDie mens is nie net 'n nommer nieaf_ZA
dc.title.alternativeMan is not just a numberen_ZA
dc.description.versionPublishers' Version
dc.rights.holderHealth and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)

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