Lympho epithelioid cellular lymphoma (Lennert's lymphoma). A case report

Staples, W. G. ; Getaz, E. P. (1977-04)


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A woman of 69 with Lennert's lymphoma (malignant lymphoma with a high content of epithelioid histiocytes) is described. The case is unique in that hepatosplenomegaly was the presenting feature (for which splenectomy was carried out) the diagnosis was made on bone marrow biopsy and the disorder appears to have run a benign course. The bone marrow displayed scattered foci of bland epithelioid histiocytes with vesicular nuclei, small nucleoli and abundant acidophilic granular cytoplasm. In and around the clusters of epithelioid histiocytes were lymphocytes and in some foci there were eosinophils in a peripheral location. The lymphocytes showed slight nuclear irregularities and were rounded, oval, or elongated. An occasional immunoblast was seen but they were not a feature of the infiltrate. Reed-Sternberg-like cells were not seen. The spleen weighed 1,200 g. Histologically it showed diffuse involvement of the white pulp and peri-arteriolar lymphoid sheaths with foci identical to those seen in the bone marrow. The liver showed portal and sinusoidal infiltration with atypical lymphocytes, but epithelioid histiocytes were not as prominent as in the bone marrow or spleen.

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